Notas de Lançamento

November, 13

Improved Custom apps now look better. The height of the component is now adjusted to the height of the app itself, so no more double scroll bars on the page.

Improved Mandrill App: added support for translating the Subject.

November, 12

Crowdin Enterprise Improved When adding an MT engine to your Workspace, you can preview its supported language pairs.

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Distinguish inherited managers from managers assigned specifically to a project not only via the project's Members tab but also via the About page. This type of managers will have an arrow symbol next to their profile image. Inherited managers have access to the whole workspace or a group of projects, the current project belongs to.

November, 11

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Download translations per language from the Project Home page.

Crowdin Enterprise We added localization by community translators to Crowdin Enterprise Knowledge Base. You can switch language at the bottom of the page and contribute translations into your language by joining our localization project - Crowdin Support.

November, 10

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Project Home page: right click on the language opens a context menu with actions like Go to the editor, workflow steps listed separately, Download, Pre-translate, and Activity.

New Java API Client 1.3.0.

New CLI 3.4.0 has been released.

November, 06

Improved ICU Preview in the Side-by-side and the Source Text Review editor views.

Improved Better support for XAML files. The following attributes are now supported: title, header, content.

November, 05

Crowdin Enterprise Fixed You can now remove all selected managers from a project.

Improved Better translations upload for TypeScript files.

Crowdin Enterprise You can now filter projects displayed in the workspace based on the project visibility (public, private), translation status (failed QA checks, unresolved issues, overdue tasks), \workflow status (delayed, active). Vendor organizations will also be able to filter incoming and accepted projects.

Improved Added encoding support (UTF-32BE, UTF-32LE, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE) for .properties files.

November, 03

Improved Did you know that you can use OTA (Over-the-air delivery) as a separate feature? It’s not necessary to use it with iOS/Android SDK. You can use OTA for your web applications to skip the build and fetch the latest translations directly to your app always when the client opens it in the browser. You can find all the necessary details on enabling this feature and creating distributions for your applications in the Project Settings > More > Content Delivery.

New Sketch plugin 2.1.0

Crowdin Enterprise Add separate public descriptions to your Crowdsource projects. Open your project and go to Translations > Crowdsource > Description.

November, 02

Improved API: deprecated hasPlurals and isIcu fields in the List strings response.

Improved Updates to User Profile page: added sort by last created, last project activity, last joined, last seen in the project; you can now switch between list and grid view for projects; we now remember your settings for this page and the view, tabs opened will remain the same when you come back to this page; a bit more minor improvements on the page UI.

New Easily switch to a master string from a duplicate string in the Editor. Click the three-dot button next to it > choose View Master String.

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