Notas de Lançamento

August, 07

New Localize user interfaces in JavaScript with the FBT framework. Crowdin now has out-of-the-box support for FBT (JSON) files.

New Add labels to categorize your strings. You can filter strings by labels in the Editor, when creating tasks, and in the Strings tab.

August, 05

New From now on you can decide whether hidden strings should be visible to proofreaders or not. Manage this permission from the Project Settings with the Allow proofreaders to access hidden strings option.

New API 2.0 is out of beta! You can now be faster and automate more to have more time on developing new things. You can edit specific strings, add screenshots, get statistics for specific translators, create tasks, and more editing options for your TM. With async operations, the speed is much approved and with access tokens, it’s now even more secure. Read API 2.0 docs for Crowdin and for Crowdin Enterprise.

August, 03

Improved Add things like top translators to your website faster. From now on you can export project reports in JSON via our API 2.0.

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